Top 5 Best Fan Heaters Review and Buying Guide


Did you know that a fan heater is also known as a blow heater or blower heater? It works with the help of a fan that passes air over a heater element or source. This hot air goes out of the heater and into the surrounding room, warming it up. Now there are different fan heaters available on the market. Choosing the right one that meets your needs might seem a little overwhelming task. But don’t worry we’re here to help you in making the right decision to buy a fan heater.

So, let’s start our discussion with the types of fan heaters!

Types of Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are basically a kind of convector heaters with a fan. You can speed up the airflow to increase the heating process. The primary advantage of a fan heater is that it is more compact as compared to a heater that uses natural convection for heating. It is also a cost-effective alternative and works well as a room heater for small spaces.

Below are the fan heaters types classified according to the type of heating element they use.

  • Electrically heated elements

These elements are by far the most common heating sources used in fan heaters. These electric unit heaters have a very compact design. Though these electric heaters consume high kW of energy, their heating element is pretty small. The body of the heater doesn’t need a useful sink for heat because the fan removes the heated air from it.

  • The tubing of hot water

These heaters have tubing of hot water that functions as a heating element. The fan blows the air over this tubing to warm the surroundings. In this scenario, the heat comes from a system of hydronic heating.

  • Fuels

Some of the high powered models of fan heaters require different types of fuels like kerosene heater. These include kerosene, gas, or similar other fuels like engine oil. These fan heaters are large enough to warm up more than one room in no time. However, these heaters also have a high price and operating costs.

Best Fan Heater Reviews

1. Dyson Fan Heater

best fan heatersDyson presents a powerful fan heater that generates a stream of uninterrupted airflow. This energy efficient fan heater and precise fan heater model comes with plenty of features like an oscillating heater.  These features also include oscillation control, sleep timer, no fast-spinning blades, and much more.


Key features:

  • Air Multiplier technology
  • Energy efficient heater
  • All year round effective
  • Secure fan heater
  • Although it has a long-range fan the heating unit heats the room very slowly.

2. Stiebel Eltron Fan Heater

Stiebel EltronStiebel Eltron electric wall mounted fan heater runs on 208 volts to 240 volts. This electric wall heater is ideal for your kitchen, bathroom, hallways, and any other location where instant heat is required. The unique and elegant design enhances the room décor as well.



Key features:

  • Ultra-quiet fan
  • Booster timer
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Down-draft design with even heating
  • The heating and thermostat coils come with low quality. These coils are not durable and need replacement after some time.

3. Toyuugo Fan Heater

ToyuugoToyuugo presents the mini heater with racetrack and stylish design that makes it portable and easy to use in different locations. You can use this indoor heater in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and anywhere you want with the compatible socket.  



Key features:

  • Dual temperature mode
  • Auto-Oscillation
  • Quiet & portable
  • Multi-protection
  • Although the product is portable, quiet and offers multiple protections, the main power unit is not much durable as compared to its counterparts.

4. Sunbeam Heater Fan

SunbeamThe Sunbeam fan heater directly provides the heat where you want. The best part is … it does not warm or cool the environment; it cools or warms the person. The large base increases the stability of this wall mounted fan heater.



Key features:

  • Dual-comfort
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Enhance usability
  • It does not warm room environment quickly because the heating unit of the fan heater works slowly.

5. SEISSO Fan Heater

SEISSOThe intelligent design of SEISSO fan heater automatically shuts off the unit in the case of tipping over. It is the combination of noise reduction technology and PTC-ceramic heating technology. These technologies provide you the safest and quiet fan heater.



Key features:

  • Two wind mode
  • Oscillating function
  • Multi-protection
  • Safe & energy efficient
  • The SEISSO fan heater generates some chemical smell that spreads in the entire room. Therefore, you cannot use it in the nursery, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

Buying Guide

Choosing a suitable fan heater from different models variety can be an irksome task. Therefore, you need to know what are your requirements and preferences. This will allow you to avoid overspending and only focus on the features that you prioritize.

Things to consider before buying

  • Heating element

All fan heaters have a heating element. Some of them use a glowing high resistance filament while other feature ceramic plates. A filament can heat up instantly with a higher magnitude as compared to the ceramic plates. But it also tends to dry the air out fast and can also emit bad odors when the dust settles and burns in it.

The plates come with large surface area and they don’t dry the air. Another benefit of these plates is that they also offer good fire protection too.

  • Wattage

Power output is another important consideration for fan heaters. You need to calculate the power output based on the area you want to warm up.

The rule of thumb here to choose the wattage for your space is 10 watts per one square meter. If you want to quickly warm up your space then you need to go for higher wattage.

  • Controls

Look for a fan heaters that at least come with a couple of operating modes or controls. A majority of these heaters can also serve to be cooler. Then there are adjustable controls for the heating process. There are different dials and knobs for you to easily set the heating settings as per your requirements.

  • Eco-friendliness

Some fan heaters also come with an eco-friendly mode that can steady the temperature at optimum levels. It will automatically lower the power if the heating goes above the set limit. This feature cuts down the consumption of electricity effectively.

  • Safety

Safety features are critical for any heating appliances. You need to consider only the models that come with some type of protection features against overheating. Otherwise, this can be a cause of an accident involving fire.

  • Design

As your personal heater is going to be in the room so it needs to have an attractive design. There needs to be a carrying handle as well along with a couple of castors so that you can freely move it around. If you don’t have a large living space, then look for compactly sized fan heaters.

Feel free also to about the reviews and guide on best electric baseboard heaters. You might be surprised about the details you needed to know about heaters that will help you decide on what to buy.

Tips to keep the electricity bills down

Staying warm in winters is essential. But if you leave your fan heaters running for a long time then your electricity bills are going to break your wallet. There are some important things that you need to keep in mind to save on bills.

  • You need to focus on the weather-stripping. A worn out weather-stripping can cause loss of heat and you need to repair it in summer to keep your space warm for a longer period.
  • You need to prevent the draughts that appear in your room. The major source of these draughts is your doors. Their lower section doesn’t reach the threshold. Cold air can flow in between room or even from the outside because of these draughts. Gas lines, electrical boxes, and cables also cause draughts that you need to cover.
  • Use a programmable thermostat heater. You can use these devices to set the temperatures based on your regular routine.


Staying warm is a necessity but it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. If you’re are searching for the best space heater then choose AM09 from Dyson. It comes with a very decent price tag and is available in four different color combinations for you to choose from. The fan heater looks very stylish with its modern design and comes with a powerful fan and heater for you to work in all seasons. Its air multiplier technology keeps the environment comfortable for you by projecting the air all across space effectively.

We hope you have found this post very informative.

Stay Cozy! Interested to buy one? We can assist you, just call us and we will write soon.


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