Best Weighted Blanket For Adults in 2019 [Buyer’s Guide Included]

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Best Weighted BlanketsWe bet when you saw the title of this article, you stumbled and thought to yourself “what in the world is a weighted blanket?”

That’s right. Most of us do not know what it is and what the purpose of using one is.

But, by the end of this article, you will be amazed to know just how amazing a weighted blanket is and probably will want to buy one for yourself.

So, before wasting any time, let’s find out what a weighted blanket is, shall we?

What is a Weighted Blanket?

Many of us are confused with the term “weighted blanket”. Some people think that it is just a regular blanket. But truth be told, there is a small distinction. They look just like a regular blanket but work differently. Weighted blankets are stuffed with plastic pellets or glass beads, to give the blanket more weight. You may also come across blankets which are filled with rice, millets or other things that can make the blanket heavy.

You may be wondering why anyone needs to have an extra heavyweight blanket when normal blankets are quite heavy themselves. Well, this extra weight creates more pressure and simulates the user’s body. Therefore, a user feels a sense of relaxation and can have a deep slumber.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Weighted blankets are proven to be very scientific and beneficial for health. The science behind the extra weight is called deep touch pressure (DTP). These blankets are used to apply pressure to your body. When your body is under pressure, it releases serotonin – a chemical responsible for relaxation and dopamine – a chemical responsible for happiness.

When a person uses a weighted blanket, he/she is in more pressure than what is to be normal. This releases extra serotonin into the user’s body, which causes less anxiety and enables the user to fall asleep.

Weighted blankets were originally intended to serve children with autism. But they have surpassed that and people have been using them for multiple purposes such as relaxation, deep slumber and so on.

Types of Weighted Blankets

  • Box Construction: Some weighted blankets are designed in such a way that they look like down filled comforters. These weighted blankets have compartments that are filled with plastic pallets or glass beads. They are used to treat a number of ailments, such as – insomnia, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and stress.
  • Channel Construction: These weighted blankets are constructed with channel compartment. These compartments enclose the heavy material inside the blanket to move around. Therefore, the weight is distributed evenly in the blanket. So, when you wrap yourself up with this weighted blanket, all parts of your body get equal pressure. These blankets are useful for those who have tactile defensiveness.
  • DIY Blankets: They are just like down filled comforters with an extra layer. This external layer can be customized with texture, shade or pattern.
  • Fully-Sewn Blankets: Some weighted blankets are built in such fashion that it is fully sewn. It makes the blanket washable but the cover cannot be removed. These blankets help your body release melatonin, which is responsible for sound sleep and sleep cycle.

Importance of Having A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are proven to be therapeutic. It has a lot of advantages for both kids and adults. Below we have sorted out some of the importance for your consideration:

  • INCREASED RELAXATION: As we have discussed earlier, the basic science behind a weighted blanket is DTP or Deep Touch Pressure. When you wrap yourself up by a weighted blanket, the blanket softly applies pressure to your body. This pressure induces your body to release chemicals like serotonin.
    Serotonin is a chemical normally produced in your body to give you a sense of relaxation. The interesting part is that children with autism also lack a substantial amount of serotonin in their body. That is why, weighted blankets are proven to be therapeutic for children with autism, ADHD and other disorders.
  • REDUCED STRESS: Medical science has reached the highest peak humanity has ever seen. Thanks to the many types of research, it is now proven that there is a deep correlation between DTP(Deep Touch Pressure) and a person’s nervous system. A study shows that when pressure is applied to a person’s body, his/her nervous system activity reduces, which reduces stress. For that reason, many doctors and health specialists recommend using a weighted blanket as a form of medication to reduce stress.
  • WEIGHTED BLANKETS DECREASE ANXIETY: Another study conducted in 2012 showed that individuals with clinical anxiety who used a weighted blanket saw a significant reduction in distress than individuals who did not.
    There are many other research papers dedicated to anxiety which had shown that weighted blanket is a great way to reduce anxiety.
  • OVERALL SLEEP IMPROVEMENTS: Weighted blankets help people with insomnia to sleep better. The deep touch pressure provided by a weighted blanket promotes the body to release serotonin – which later is converted to melatonin. If you do not know what melatonin is and what is its importance: melatonin is the main influencer of our sleep and has command over our sleep cycle. Low amount of melatonin in the body can cause sleep disorder and can damage sleep cycle severely.
    Lack of sleep can seriously affect your mood and day to day life. It also causes irritability and tiredness. So, if you do not want to take drug or sleeping pills, we recommend you get a weighted blanket as soon as possible. These blankets have helped thousands of insomniacs to have a better life.
  • REDUCES ADHD: As we have discussed earlier in the article, weighted blankets increases the serotonin level in your body by applying gentle pressure. This boost of serotonin can greatly reduce ADHD. ADHD is highly associated with a low level of serotonin in the body. ADHD is a disorder. People with ADHD have difficulty concentrating. So, people with ADHD who use a weighted blanket for the therapeutic purpose have reported being better at concentrating and doing tasks.
  • REDUCES AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER: Autism often goes unnoticed by many individuals. Many people around us live with autism yet we do not know. People with autism tend to have slow cognitive ability development. Therefore, they often feel irritation, lack of hunger and poor memory. A boost in serotonin level can improve their day a lot. That is why weighted blankets are widely used for helping people with ASD and let them live a beautiful life.
  • REDUCES FIBROMYALGIA: Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by severe pain and stiffness of muscles which is typically accompanied by fatigue, headache and sleep disturbances. By simply applying pressure on the joints, ligaments of the body, weighted blankets can greatly reduce chronic pain.
  • HELPS PEOPLE WITH PTSD: PTSD or ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” happens to a lot of people after they experience a traumatic event. PTSD has a lot of symptoms which include high-stress level, insomnia, and anxiety. Deep touch pressure can bring down the cortisol level in our brain. Cortisol is a steroid hormone. It highly responses to stress and low blood-glucose concentration.

Things to consider before buy a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are not simple like regular blankets that we use. Therefore, you need to be very cautious while buying the best-weighted blanket for you. There are a lot of things to consider before buying one for you or for your family.

Fortunately, to easy your hassle, we have sorted out some major things to consider below. So let’s have a look at them:

SizeFabricWeightQuilt/ BaffleOuter CoverPoly-FillMaterial & ConstructionComfort & DurabilityHealth BenefitsWarranty
The first thing to consider while buying the best-weighted blanket should be the size of your body and the size of the blanket. A small sized blanket will not be sufficient for a large-bodied person. Then again, a large-sized weighted blanket is a waste of money if it is going to be used by skinny people or children. Therefore, you should keep it in mind that size matters. The size of your bed also matters in this situation.

Normally, a weighted blanket covers the top of the bed and does not dangle at the side. That is because of the weight of the blanket. If it hangs down, there is a probability that the blanket will fall off you when you move and roll on the floor. Small-sized weighted blankets are not often enough to even cover your whole body. That is why it is appropriate to buy a weighted blanket that perfectly fits your bed.

 Most weighted blankets we have discussed in this article come in two parts – one is the cover and another is the weighted portion. So, you have a chance to choose the fabric of your cover. We prefer you to buy one that is made of 100% cotton because it gives you a soft pillow-like feeling. The cotton fabric also helps with insomnia. But a lot of people often prefer heavy, rugged fabric. So, the choice is totally up to you.
The weight of the blanket is very much essential since it is called weighted blanket. The blankets are usually filled with rice, beans, plastic pallets or glass beads. Make sure you choose what comforts you. But do not choose something that is toxic. It can then harm your body. Before buying a weighted blanket, read the packaging to find out what the blanket is filled with. Also, you need to make sure whether the weight is evenly distributed across the blanket or not. Even distribution of the weight provides you with equal pressure all over your body. Also, note that it is easier to wash a weighted blanket that is filled with plastic pallets. Because plastic pallets do not wane away easily.
 Make sure your weighted blanket has quilted baffle. Without them, the weight material has a high chance of shifting in an uneven manner. Although, most weighted blankets have sewn little compartments to avoid this problem. These compartments hold the weight in each pocket and prevent them from shifting.
 Another important thing to consider is the outer cover of the weighted blanket. If you can recall from reading this article, some weighted blankets come in a whole part, with the outer cover being non-removable. These blankets are strenuous to wash and do not last long. Buy one which has a two-part construction. That way, you can easily separate the outer cover from the weighted portion and wash it.

Most of the blankets discussed in this article use a duvet cover. Because they can protect the blanket from dust and sweat. When you need to clean your duvet cover, you can just simply remove it and wash. Two-part weighted blankets last longer than a whole part weighted blanket.

 It may not affect the quality of the weighted blanket, but some weighted blankets feature poly-fill to give them customized blanket look. This is for those who are self-conscious about their blankets and want to have a traditional looking blanket in their bed.
Another important thing to consider while buying the best-weighted blanket is what the blanket is made of. The differently weighted blanket comes in different shape, color, and design. Weighted blankets generally weigh from two to twenty-four pounds. But you must note that the weight of the blanket should be around 10% of your body weight. Most companies allow the return of the blanket in a given period of time.

If you have a kid or teenager in your house, buy a weighted blanket that weighs around 10% of body weight. So, when they grow, you do not have to change the blanket.

If you want something not too large or heavy, choose one which does not have poly-fill. You can also purchase SensaCalm therapeutic weighted blanket as they allow customization. That way, you can add or lessen the weight of the blanket according to your desire.

 You must consider your comfort before buying a weighted blanket, because if you are not comfortable using something you purchased, then what is the point? Also, keep in mind that weighted blanket is not something you are going to purchase often. So, look for durability. A good way to be assured is to check the warranty description.
 Weighted blankets are proven to be therapeutic for numerous health disorders. But not every problem has one specific solution. If you have restless leg syndrome, then a tiny weighted blanket should be enough to cover your legs. But if you suffer from anxiety or sleeplessness, then you should buy one big enough to cover your whole body.
 Products like weighted blanket are delicate and need special care. That is why you should check out the warranty feature of the weighted blanket that you are going to buy. If your provider does not give a warranty, it is best if you do not buy it.

Most weighted blanket companies provide a warranty for 1-3 years. Read the warranty description carefully. If you have any queries, ask the seller of the weighted blanket. Ask whether they are willing to refund/replace the product if it gets damaged.

Top 5 Best Weighted Blanket For Adults in 2019

#1 Quility Weighted Blanket

Quility Weighted BlanketQuility is a favorite name among the weighted blanket users. They are the first company that started producing weighted blankets commercially and has been serving numerous customers to this day. They have spent over a year doing research in order to create a perfect weighted blanket which can improve a person’s physical and mental health.


  • Premium Material:
  • Removable Cover
  • Polyester Layer
  • New Sewing Technology
  • Non-glue Polyester Padding


  • No others found yet.

#2 Calmforter Premium Weighted Blanket

Calmforter Premium Weighted BlanketWhen it comes to choosing a weighted blanket, everybody recommends that you consider the Calmforter brand. This brand has established itself as the number one in the industry. All of their blankets are designed in the USA by specialists and skilled healthcare professionals.

They believe that a weighted blanket should be in two parts – one part is the inner weighted section, and another part is the cover. That way, the blanket is comfortable and lasts much longer. These notions are what make this brand great.


  • Evenflow Technology
  • SensaCool Technology
  • NON-Therapeutic Appearance
  • 2 Part Construction
  • Generous Dimension


  • The price of this weighted blanket is a bit on the higher side

#3 YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted BlanketIt is a premium quality weighted blanket for those who need sleep therapy. This amazing blanket offers deep touch simulation to provide pressure softly all over your body. This therapeutic weighted blanket is proven to be effective for those people who have anxiety, autism, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, bodily aches and pains, stress or any physical or mental problem.


  • Removable Duvet Cover
  • Unique 7-Layer Weighted Blanket
  • Glass Bead Technology
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Their price is a bit higher

#4 Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Amy Garden Weighted BlanketBy now reading through the article, you already know how useful weighted blankets are. Now we are going to guide you through one of the best-weighted blankets for adults in the market right now – Amy Garden Weighted Blanket.

This spectacular blanket is made of 100% organic cotton and easily breathable. This weighted blanket is proven to be very useful and effective for therapeutic purposes.


  • Non-toxic, Odorless Glass Beads
  • Amazing Dimension
  • Sewing Technology
  • Natural Breathability


  • Some consumers have reported that the blanket leaks

#5 SensaCalm Therapeutic Adult Weighted Blanket

SensaCalm Therapeutic Adult Weighted BlanketSensaCalm Therapeutic Weighted Blankets have been applauded by numerous customers. This brand has achieved worldwide fame for its amazing as well as effective products.

So let’s look at some of the best features of this blanket.


  • Custom Made Design
  • Poly Pellets For Weight
  • Amazing Dimension
  • Cotton Fabric


  • This blanket is relatively smaller compared to the other weighted blankets discussed in the article.

Final Verdict:

Now you know how amazing a weighted blanket really is. Many people often think that weighted blankets are for those who have physical or mental disorders. But that is totally wrong and unjust to think so. You, as a healthy person, can enjoy a weighted blanket as a mean of comfort too.

But it is always better to consult a physician before starting to use a weighted blanket. That way, you will know if you have any problem; and even if you do, you will know just what type of blanket you need most.




Outer Cover

Material & Construction

Comfort & Durability

Health Benefits




7-layered blanket for supreme comfort

5 pounds

premium removable minky duvet

Extra polyester layers has millions premium micro glass beads

100%-cotton outer layer, ultra-breathable

Non-glue Polyester Padding



60" x 80"

SensaCool Dot System keeps users cool

12 pounds

Ultra-luxurious minky fabric cover

CloudSoft Polyfill and Stardust Minibead

highly noticeable lumpy, square pocket stitching

Dimension prevents blanket to slide off




unique 7 layer weighted blanket

15 pounds

Cotton, Cooling Bamboo or Soft Warm Minky Duvets

Glass Beads+ Finest stitch

layering system to bring comfort

smaller compartments + 3D lock bead sewing 

3 years




7 layers heavy blanket

15 pounds

Cotton duvet cover

100% Premium Cotton

layers and glass beads won't penetrate fabric

Filled With Hypo allergenic ,non  toxic,

odorless Glass Beads



Customized therapeutic size

Hypoallergenic fiberfill

18 pounds

100% Cotton Fabrics

tamed tempers, soothed and deep pressure

Safe, Non-toxic, Hypo-allergenic Poly Pellets


That is all from us. We wish you all the best with your journey to buying the best-weighted blanket for adults. And if you have already purchased one, do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment section.

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